Comodo EV Multi Domain SSL - 2 SAN included

Comodo EV SSL Certificates (often known as Green Bar certificates) provide the highest levels of encryption, security and trust.

Immediate Visual Verification
Your organisation's name is displayed in the address bar of browsers, in green, alongside the familiar SSL padlock. Web site visitors are immediately reassured that it is safe to conduct online transactions.

Multi-Domain EV SSL certificates (EV MDC's) allow you to secure up to 250 different domains or sub-domains with a single SSL certificate. EV technology adds an additional layer of trust to your online business by displaying your organisation's name, in green, in the browser's address bar every time one of your customers enters the secure area of your website.

Featuring the ability to add additional domains at any time, EV SSL MDC's deliver the ultimate in flexibility, security and value to online businesses that wish to add EV security to 3 websites or more.

For example, one EV SSL MDC could be used to secure:

Product Features
  • Multiple domains (up to 250)
  • Full business-validated certificate. The Extended Validation process is designed to ensure that fraudsters cannot obtain an EV certificate
  • Green address bar in browsers provides conspicuous visual verification of your site's validated identity. Reinforces your status as a legitimate and trusted online merchant
  • Highest available levels of browser compatibility and encryption
  • Single Domain Name - free with
  • FREE Dynamic site seal
  • $1,750,000 relying party warranty
Product Specification
  • Organization Validated to EV guidelines
  • Highest levels of SSL security – 2048 bit digital signatures and up to 256 bit encryption as standard
  • Free Unlimited Server Licenses
  • Unlimited free re-issues
  • Dynamic Site Seal - TrustLogo delivers real-time verification of business identity