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Consult the Wiz - no Technical Knowledge Required. Use our SSL Wizard to order your SSL certificates quickly and simply.

The Wiz will ask you a few short questions - it can take less than a minute - and will then present you with his recommendation, together with a couple of alternatives, for the SSL certificate which will give your website or server maximum protection at minimum cost.

SSL Wizard

The Wiz says: If you have difficulty answering any of these questions, give me a ring.
My phone number is +44 (0)1908 200 987

1. Domain to be Secured

The Wizard needs to know the domain name of the website or server you want to secure.
Enter the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) you want to secure and click the Check button.
An FQDN looks something like these examples:

Hint: Do not enter 'http(s)://' - but you should enter 'www.' if that will be used to address your website.

Domain to be Secured

Domain:  Not Checked
Server:  -
Certificate:  -
Authority:  -
Expiry:  -

2. Context Questions

We are a registered company or charity
We are a Government body (e.g. Council, Government Agency, School, Hospital or University)
I am an individual

Secure a Website

An Online Retail website which takes payments
(i.e. one which collects detailed customer information, including payment card data)
A webite which handles personally-identifiable or sensitive information (e.g. customer names and addresses) but where any card payments are handled by a third party like Sage Pay or PayPal
A website with simple user registration and logins
(e.g. a subscription service for a newsletter)

Secure Another Service

Other Secure Services which require a publicly recognised SSL certificate (e.g. to secure a Mail Server, network log-ins, FTP’s, VPN’s, control panels etc.)
The Wiz says: If you need to secure more than one main domain or more than one subdomain, click on the Yes option that matches your requirement.

For the last option, multiple subdomains, you will be asked to specify whether you need more than 4 additional subdomains. These are in addition to the main domain.
No, I don't need to secure any additional domains or subdomains
Yes, and they are all different main domains (i.e. no subdomains)
Yes, and they are a mix of main domains and subdomains (e.g. and and
Yes, and they are all subdomains of the same main domain (e.g. and
The Wiz says: This will include options which give you more than just the padlock and display your credentials in the browser address bar and on screen
No, transaction completion rates are not important for my business
Yes, more completed online transactions are better for my business
No, I do not require PCI compliance
Yes, I am required to ensure PCI compliance